QS ImpACT is a global charity recognizing a community of young leaders positively impacting their society. We believe in supporting young people to build talent defined by values, skills, capacity and knowledge so they can lead through ImpACT.

QS ImpACT uses the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for recognizing and building capacity of young people to take local actions that tackle the most pressing global issues of the 21st Century.
Imagine being part of a value driven global team, reaching milestones together and striving to create change and accessible international opportunity. If you aspire to be and join the best of your generation and you intend to move imagination to action, lead through QS ImpACT.
Our Vision
Our Vision

We are a global community of young leaders who grow and earn recognition for their positive impACT on society.

Our Mission
Our Mission

We connect universities, organizations and communities worldwide to develop young talent to lead through impACT for a regenerative future.

Why Regeneration?

Regeneration promotes transformation & revitalizing. Regeneration is going further than sustainability and equips us with the skills and practices to rethink, recreate and rebuild our world for infinite positive ImpACT cycles. We can not ‘sustain’ current processes that have caused damage to our economy, environment and social systems globally but must rethink and re-imagine a world in which we can thrive. A regenerative world is achievable by uniting & recognising a new generation of young leaders.

Our Core Values

QS ImpACT Values & Principles are the pillars of our organisation and are set by the community. They are central to uphold our vision to recognize young leaders through ImpACT. We strive to be as radically inclusive as possible. We are a community for the big thinkers, the go-getters and the world changers.