Global Celebration of Regeneration

At QS ImpACT Awards, which took place on January 18th, 2024, we were thrilled to announce our focus on 'Regeneration' - our unique perspective on what sustainability truly embodies.

But what is Regeneration? In brief, it is a holistic and transformative process that aims to improve previous conditions.

At QS ImpACT we strive to support regenerative solutions to the sustainability problem.

Our awards are aimed at recognizing young people who're making a positive impact in their communities across the world for regeneration.

We are bringing together our councils, our community, new and old, partners, and supporters to shine a light on the incredible work and lives impacted through our projects and campaigns throughout the year.

Your story matters. Let the world know the difference you're making in your community. Upload your impact report now to be eligble!

As we gear up for the upcoming awards ceremony, scheduled for February 2025, we're excited to bring together our councils, community members, both new and longstanding partners, and supporters. Together, we will illuminate the remarkable work and lives touched by our projects and campaigns over the past year.

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Register for our global QSImpACT Award ceremony! Come attend our celebration of regeneration and youth - featuring inspiring speakers and judges from international organizations.

Award Categories 2023

Photograph of the Year
QS ImpACT Award
Photograph of the Year
Ecological Restoration
QS ImpACT Award
Climate Disaster Response
QS ImpACT Award
Climate Response Champion
Community Development
QS ImpACT Award
Community Transformation Champion
Global Day of Action
QS ImpACT Award
Global Day of Action Legend
Advocate of the Year
QS ImpACT Award
Regeneration Advocate
Regenerative Stewardship in Universities
QS ImpACT Award
Campus Sustainability Pioneer
Sustainable Education
QS ImpACT Award
Sustainability Educator

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