Connecting the world’s brightest young minds with partner organisations to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

QS, together with Consortia of universities including the University of Exeter, UK, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, University of Auckland, New Zealand, the American University of Cairo, Egypt, LUISS University, Italy, and others have launched Future17 focused on developing 21st-century skills and addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The QS ImpACT Charity is sourcing SDG-focused projects from companies, global organizations, governments, start-ups and NGOs from around the world.

This multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary program is open to outstanding undergraduate & postgraduate students interested in sustainability.
The program has the interrelated purposes of:

  1. Generating value and developing actionable insights to enable organizations to address their ambitions with regard to SDGs;
  2. Highlighting the SDGs commitment of the partners involved.

Explore Partner Benefits

  •    International youth insights
  •    Actionable outcomes for organizations
  •    Low-cost high impact
  •    Global PR & Visibility

Founding & Participating Universities

Future17 Partners