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Stay tuned to this page and our social media channels for the upcoming launch of the next edition of the Global Day of Action, and learn how you can join a vast global movement to regenerate our planet through local community engagement.

Start Composting Now

How to Participate

We hope to educate people about composting and in addition establish composting facilities or bins worldwide that can be set up in gardens, on balconies or in community gardens!

Our goal is to set up small-scale compost bins so that anyone can transform waste into a valuable resource. Anyone can make a difference, no matter where you are.

Host an awareness session on composting or set up composting bins with your colleagues or co-students and the collective impact of your composting efforts will count as one.

Participants will receive educational resources (webinars, booklets, and a community platform).

Inspire and be inspired by one another. Upload an impact report to be eligible for the QSImpACT Award Global Day of Action Legend.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Composting so important?

Composting is crucial for reducing waste in landfills and minimising the release of harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to climate change. An example would be methane. Composting also enriches soil with valuable nutrients, improving its fertility and structure.

This promotes healthier plant growth. Composting conserves valuable landfill space and reduces the need for costly waste disposal. As organic materials like food scraps and yard waste are diverted from landfill. Additionally, composting is a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to managing organic waste. Aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

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If you have any further questions about the Global Day of Action, email us at, or if you wish to connect with fellow composting champions, you can join this group. Click the link to become a part of the GDA community

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