How points system work with QS ImpACT

Points for Creating ImpACT

Each time you organise and carry out your own activity, campaign, event or project contributing to the SDGs, you have the chance to start collecting ImpACT Points!

The number of points you can earn is allocated based on various factors where your points represent the effort you have put in and the ImpACT your action has created. We recognise that ImpACT is impossible to measure accurately; still, we are trying to calculate this the best we can based on the information available.

Some of the factors in our algorithm are:

  • The type of campaign / event / activity
  • How much time have you spent researching and organising your campaign
  • How many people your campaign has positively ImpACTed, and
  • What you gained from the campaign

Points for Verifying ImpACTs

To encourage togetherness and fairness, all of our community campaigns are peer-reviewed before approved and published. Every time you are reviewing your peer's ImpACT activity, you will obtain ImpACT Points too! Honesty is the best policy; only verify ImpACTs that you believe happened. Once a minimum number of community members has reviewed an uploaded ImpACT activity, the majority decides whether the campaign is legitimate or not and should be rewarded with ImpACT Points. Bonus: If your vote is equal to the majority, you will receive bonus points!

Points for Starting a Council

Councils are a fun way to embrace the team work nature of your actions by working with others who share a similar passion and vision to you. Gaining points through creating a Council could not be easier; all you have to do is reach out to your peers, discuss your goals and outcomes and start planning your next campaign. Easy as pie! Check out the Councils page to find out more information about starting your own Council.

Other ways of earning ImpACT Points

Invite your friends to become QS ImpACT changemakers! For every friend that you invite to our movement, our ImpACT is growing and you will be rewarded with points!

Want to take your ImpACT to the next level? Start a Council!

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Start now, make a difference. Click on read more to understand how you can do your bit to create an ImpACT and make a difference.

Create a Council and have greater ImpACTs.

Want to take your ImpACT to the next level? Start a Council!