Live Impact Program

A 10 week global collaboration program where young people work with our councils to learn, create and implement solutions in their local community.



Learn about the local community issues our council members are experiencing. Our Community Engagement Manager explores project management and creation tools to better help you develop a successful program and implement your vision.



Collaborate with council members to co-create the solution you'll aim to implement in the community. You will connect with a global team to create a plan of action.



After ideating and creating the plan, it's time to make ImpACT. Our council community will implement the project. After which, the outcomes and the program will be analysed.

Our Latest Live Impact Program

This summer, we launched its very first Impact Program in collaboration with the Alt Valley Community Trust’s student team and the QS ImpACT Council in Niger.

The team of students and our Council co-developed and implemented an English curriculum for 57 children in Niger between the ages of 4-7.

This true global collaboration provides an opportunity for both teams to learn more about problem identification, program design, project management, teamwork, planning and budgeting and provides an unforgettable cultural experience for both teams whilst creating measurable impact and tackling an SDG.

Program Outline
Our current live impact Projects
how can you join?

If you're an organization, business, or university looking to make a social impact, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Employees, members, or students form a group and are matched with a live impact program with one of our councils to work together over 10-weeks.

The teams will work together to deliver an impact in the councils' region addressing specific SDGs. From building a curriculum for impoverished children to delivering a remote health service, you will get hands-on experience collaborating on a real-life project to tackle some of the world’s most complex issues.

The 10-week Live ImpACT Program includes the following:

  • Over 10 weeks of live virtual meetings for all the stages: learning, creating, developing, and implementing the project
  • Projects are implemented by our council community of passionate changemakers
  • Each session comes with additional resources to aid and guide the project's development
  • Monitoring the ImpACT of the project through our ImpACT App
  • Certificates and badges of recognition are received for your CV/Resume or LinkedIn