Live Impact Program

A 10 week virtual global collaboration program where young people work with our councils to learn, create and implement solutions through a hands-on project in DRC, Niger, Pakistan or Uganda.



Learn about the local community issues in our councils and how to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Collaborate with council members in Asia and Africa to co-create a solution to the community issue. You will connect weekly with our council team to create a plan of action.



After ideating and creating the plan, it's time to make ImpACT. Our council community will implement the project and you will assess the outcomes, uploading an Impact Report.

Over the 10 weeks, young people will:
  • Meet virtually once a week with the QS ImpACT team and QS ImpACT council to learn and understand more about the problem.
  • Discover and learn about the current, local issue the council is facing.
  • Ideate and collaborate on developing solutions to the local context.
  • Outline SMART goals and begin working towards achieving them.
  • Oversee the implementation plan and review your project success.

At the end of a successful implementation of the Live ImpACT Program:

  • Participants will submit an impact report about their project for global recognition.
  • Participants receive a certificate and a digital badge for their participation in the program. Students boost their CV with new skills and experience.
  • Participants get featured in a blog post, social media and newsletter to our community about the impact project.
  • They gain Key Skills :
    • Global Collaboration Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Project Management
    • Data Presentation & Visualisation
    • Communication Skills
    • Creative & Critical Thinking
    • Problem-Solving
    • Teamwork

In August 2022, QS ImpACT Charity launched their first ever Live ImpACT Program connecting our council community in Niger to a youth team at Alt Valley Community in Liverpool, England. Alt Valley Community Trust, Liverpool is an anchor organisation that makes a significant contribution to the local area, transforming sports centres, libraries, colleges, and community hubs. After 10 weeks of cultural exchange, team building, and learning project management skills, the team built and implemented an English curriculum project. 57 vulnerable children under the age of 7 were educated in Niamey, Niger.

“Through this project I learned that it is possible to impact a community wherever we are. And the collaboration between different organizations creates more impacts than one can imagine and learn a lot about collaboration, teamwork on an international scale.”

Ali Kadri, QS ImpACT Niger Council

“This was a unique opportunity to work with different cultures. Privileged to see the young people grow in competence and confidence.”

Alma Mason, Alt Valley Community Trust

Program Outline
how can you join?

We live in a time where our world is ever-changing. You have the power to influence lives by supporting young people to create social impACT through the United Nations SDGs.

Create change by:

  • Signing up with us for the Live ImpACT Program, a 10-week virtual global collaboration program where young people work with our councils to learn, create and implement solutions through a hands-on project in DRC, Niger, Pakistan or Uganda.The program cost is £7,000.
  • Sponsoring a Live ImpACT Project in one of our council communities.
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