Trees for Merit

A Global Tree Planting Challenge

The Trees for Merit Challenge is a collaboration between the Global Tree Initiative (GTI) and QS ImpACT that aims to educate people about the importance of tree plantation and ensure that they participate in planting trees in their communities. This year-long tree-plantation challenge is the starting of a youth movement in tackling SDG 15 - Life on Land while creating measurable impACT. The collaboration aims to further amplify the purpose of a regenerative effort.



Will be given to the change-maker who
plants the tree with the most amount of
community members/people every 3
months at our coffee chats. They will

  • £ 50 will be given to the most impactful change-maker
  • Global spotlight on our socials and our newsletter
  • A tree will be planted in your name by The Green Rebel.
    You'll also receive certificate for the same!

Create your profile on our website

Plant your trees with your local community
(make sure you take some nice pictures)

Upload your ImpACT activity to the QS ImpACT website

Free Resources We Offer:

Download these free educational brochures on our challenge and tree plantation by just clicking the download button below. These brochures are:

1. Trees For Merit Challenge Overview

2. A Beginners Guide To Tree Plantation

3. The 4 Pillars of Tree Plantation

4. Our Network of Concerned Citizens

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I planted a tree two months ago, can I upload that activity for this challenge?

Yes! We allow participants to upload their tree planting activity 3 months prior to the challenge launch date which is 12th August 2022.

Contact us

If you have any further questions about the challenge or tree plantations or you wish to connect with fellow tree planting change-makers, you can join this group. Click the link to be a part of the change-maker community