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Our Next Chapter: QS ImpACT

We are changing the way ImpACT is recognized.

The world has shifted significantly since the creation of our charity in 2015 and so has the needs of young people. As a charity that works for and with youth, we are answering the calls of our community. We hear two needs throughout our conversations with young people: the desire to make a tangible change on their doorstep and grow personally and professionally. 18-30-year-olds are at a significant time in their lives. They are awake to huge societal problems in their communities and in their interconnected world while facing growing pressures to meet their basic needs.

This is a story of thousands of young people in our community and a chapter I was a part of as a community member since 2016. Community members know their local issues & challenges best and are in direct contact with their peers to understand root causes and to mobilize to take meaningful action. Therefore, the real solution lies in driving change from the ground up.

That is why we are starting a new chapter to recognize social action in young leaders on the ground in their local communities. When we recognize young leaders, we create an ecosystem of ‘I can do that too’ and spotlight what matters. By recognizing positive change, regardless of background, status, or upbringing, we shift the power to create a social currency of impact and add value to this work. The most important asset in young people is the courage to rise to the challenge of impacting your community. We want to change the way impact is recognized, showcasing it to the world or on your resume or CV. Your impact should be the first thing that unlocks doors to a job, attending a university and most of all, create lasting change.

We are launching QS ImpACT with a campaign recognizing inspiring young leaders. Stay tuned for the launch of credible badges & certificates and our ImpACT awards ceremony.

How do we reach our goal of recognizing young leaders for their positive impact? With the partnership of communities, institutions and organizations, we build talent in young leaders by developing their skills, capacities, values and knowledge to lead through ImpACT. We aim to showcase to the world that the quality of impACTing your community speaks louder than words.

We are the global community of young leaders who grow and earn recognition for their positive ImpACT for a regenerative future.

– Beth Eden, Chief Executive Officer of QS ImpACT

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