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Advance Your Career Through Social ImpACT

In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, the definition of career success goes beyond traditional metrics. Alongside financial accomplishments and professional growth, making a positive impact on society has emerged as a significant factor in determining one’s career trajectory. This is where the concept of advancing your career through social impact comes into play. Let’s explore the tangible ways in which you can drive your career forward while simultaneously making an impact in your local community.

1. Define Your Purpose

The journey towards career advancement through social impact begins with introspection. As yourself: What does ImpACT mean to me? What causes or issues resonate with you on a personal level? 

Identifying your passion areas will provide you with a clear sense of purpose, enabling you to align your career goals with opportunities to create a positive impact. When your professional path aligns with your values, your dedication and enthusiasm become powerful driving forces. 

QS ImpACT defines our values through our name:

I    – Integrity 

M  – Mobilize 

P   – Parity 

A   – Act 

C   – Community 

T   – Talent

Values are what steer every decision and ACTion our community and organization takes towards a regenerative future. Learn more about QS ImpACT here! Do any of these resonate with you?

2. Volunteer and Pro Bono Work

Engaging in volunteer work or offering pro bono services can significantly contribute to your career advancement through social impact. These experiences not only allow you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios but also showcase your commitment to making a difference. 

This provides an opportunity to develop new skills, expand your network, and gain hands-on experience in the field of social impact. Our community members volunteer and upload their impact reports on our website to get recognition for the positive impact they make in their local communities. You can do so by joining our community and be recognized for your social impact! 

3. Skill Development and Continuous Learning

To effectively contribute to social impact initiatives, it’s essential to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge. Continuous learning not only keeps you updated with the latest trends but also enhances your problem-solving abilities.

 Consider formal education, attending workshops, courses  and conferences, or seeking mentorship from industry experts. We provide free access to the Climate Literacy and Action Training hosted by UN PRME. Learn more about this course! Don’t forget to share your learnings with your LinkedIn network.

4. Seek Out Purpose-Driven Companies

When aiming to advance your career through social impact, it’s crucial to work for organizations that share your values. Purpose-driven companies integrate social responsibility into their core business strategies. Research potential employers to ensure their commitment to sustainable practices. By aligning with such organizations, you can merge your professional growth with meaningful work. 

You can also receive recognition for all the work you do by winning awards at QS ImpACT. The awards highlight young people’s demonstrated contribution towards impactful transformations in society towards regeneration. Through the awards, QS ImpACT not only seeks to give credit to these endeavors but also to stimulate broader discussions on how young people can advance and adapt to the changing needs of our society and environment. Furthermore, a crucial aspect of these awards involves nurturing the development of regenerative skills and cultivating the potential of young individuals, thereby propelling their career growth through meaningful contributions to society.

5. Networking for Impact

Networking remains an integral aspect of career advancement. Attend industry events, conferences, and workshops focused on social impact. Engaging with like-minded professionals and experts in your field can provide you with valuable insights, partnerships, and even mentorship opportunities. Collaborative efforts often yield greater impact, and by expanding your network, you increase your potential for influence.

You can join like-minded changemakers now by joining our councils

6. Measure and Communicate Impact

Learn how to measure the impact of your social initiatives. Collect data, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and analyze outcomes. 

We believe that everyone, and any action taken can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Your impact moves us closer to achieving the SDGs together.

Upload your impACT on our website to be recognized! 

Top tip:  Effective communication is key. Highlight your impact on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and during interviews. Potential employers value candidates who can showcase how their work extends beyond personal gain. 

If you are someone who’s looking to use their impact to study further, we have just the right scholarship to help you achieve your dreams. Check out our impact based scholarships:

A total of $55,000 per annum is granted to the most outstanding applicants! 

7. Leadership and Initiative

Advancing your career often requires taking leadership roles and showing initiative. If you identify gaps in your organization’s social impact strategies, don’t hesitate to propose innovative solutions. Taking ownership of projects and leading teams can set you apart as a proactive change-maker within your workplace.

As you progress in your career through social impact, consider becoming a mentor to those who are starting their journeys. Sharing your experiences and insights can catalyze positive change beyond your immediate reach. Additionally, guiding others reinforces your expertise and helps establish you as a thought leader in your chosen impact area.

You can become a council leader by starting your own council now. Join other passionate young talent that are making a positive impact in their communities today.

Advancing your career through social impact is a journey that requires dedication, perseverance, and an ongoing commitment to learning and growth in alignment with your values

By integrating your passion for social change with your professional aspirations, you can create a fulfilling and impactful career. If you’re a changemaker and you wish to start your journey with us, send us an email at hello@qsimpact.org. We’re here to provide you with the recognition young talent needs to advance their careers. 

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