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Regeneration VS Sustainability 

Regeneration is all about how we can be better friends with nature! 😄🌍

It’s like a new way of looking at things. “Sustainability” used to be all the rage. It meant that we had to be careful with nature so that our children and grandchildren would have enough resources to live their lives comfortably. But now, we’re talking about something even cooler! And that is “regeneration” – a whole new way to look at our approach to nature.

While sustainability is about maintaining things the way they are and not making too many messes, regeneration is all about being a superhero for the planet. And if you’re a youth of today, your future is linked to regeneration. 

Not only is regeneration a great concept, it is also a super valuable skill for your future career. Because it’s about making things better – all the time. Healing nature isn’t just about bringing back the animals and plants, it’s also about making our communities stronger.

Sustainability focuses on reducing our impact on the environment like doing and using less bad stuff. But regeneration is about increasing our positive impact on the environment! It is about fixing the damage we’ve done, while also ensuring nature can flourish and help people too.

Regeneration is all about understanding that everything is connected. It is a new way of thinking about how we interact with nature because when it is healthy, we are too. Not only does it encourage us to be nice to the Earth, regeneration encourages us to contribute to making it a better place. By doing so, we can make sure that everyone has a good life. That’s why regeneration is so exciting! It’s like saying, 

Let’s not just be okay, let’s be amazing!”

So, it’s not really a fight between regeneration and sustainability. It’s about dreaming big and making the world awesome for everyone in the present and future. Regeneration is like being a planet-saving superhero, and we are in need of more heroes like you. Yes, you! You can help nature bounce back, stronger than ever. Help bring back the birds and butterflies, all while improving your communities. 

But this cannot happen with just talking; it’s also about doing. All you have to do is start. Organize events to clean up your parks, and follow us to learn more about regenerative ways to make the world awesome. Check out what others in the QSImpACT community are doing.

Your future is bright, and you’ve got the power to make it even brighter by being Earth’s superhero. Let’s rock this regeneration adventure together! Let us help regenerate Earth and create a new world full of smiles. 💚🌱💪

QSImpACT’s Regeneration Goal

QS ImpACT’s mission is to connect universities, organizations and communities worldwide to develop youth and have you lead through impact, for a regenerative future. 

Youth are innovators and pioneers. You are the ones who can help us achieve this regenerative future. Now more than ever, we have to align with a regenerative model to be self-sufficient and re-create the world. You can help us build the world we so desperately need! It is now about regenerating, not sustaining, our current systems.

At QS ImpACT, we aim to provide you with the tools to do so by:

  • Growing Your Career Skills
  • Sharing Our Global Knowledge
  • Instilling Regenerative Values
  • Increasing Your Capacity

All these tools will help you be aligned with a growing, changing world! We want to help youth, like you, meet the demands of a quickly changing world. This is valuable for when you enter the workforce and for your communities. 

Our belief is that the “future of work” is with regeneration. We want to help you change the workforce, change the workplace, change the demands, change societal demands, and change how we handle the climate crisis and global migration.

Let us limit the impact of the past and rebuild our world to be better than the one we were born into. 

Our 3 Reasons for Regeneration

While both regeneration and sustainability are essential concepts in environmental and social stewardship, some argue that regeneration can offer certain advantages over sustainability in addressing the challenges of our time. Here are three points highlighting regeneration as the next step forwards from sustainability:

1 – Regeneration is a bottom-up solution. 

It encourages solutions to come from the impacted community members who know exactly what the issues are. Their solutions are then context specific. Often, the same problem does not always have the same solution.

2 – Regeneration goes beyond minimizing negative impact. 

It aims to design positive impact loops that are inclusive to the environment, society and economy. Creating temporary solutions to the symptoms of deep-rooted systemic problems is not enough. We need to solve the root-cause(s) and incite real change!

3 – Regeneration is reconciliation. 

Regeneration also recognizes the knowledge that indigenous people hold in response to the environmental crisis. Unlike modern corporations, their solutions are not based on short-term benefits such as profit and/ or political votes. It originates from living in harmony and respect for nature. Indigenous knowledge understands that humans are PART of nature – we are not above or below it – we exist in it, together

Other Regeneration Benefits

Restorative Impact

Regeneration is a proactive approach that can lead to more rapid and meaningful improvement in the health of ecosystems, making it a powerful tool in the face of pressing issues like habitat destruction and climate change.

Long-term Resilience

Compared to sustainability, regeneration focuses on boosting resilience in ecosystems and communities. It actively repairs and fortifies natural systems, enhancing their ability to withstand environmental shocks and stressors. This is crucial in the face of climate change, where adaptability and recovery are vital. Creating resilient communities is another added benefit!

Holistic and Inclusive

Regeneration takes a broader perspective. More than just the environment, but also social and economic aspects. It recognizes their interconnectedness, emphasizing the well-being of both people and the planet. This holistic approach can lead to fairer, more sustainable solutions benefiting the environment and marginalized communities.

What You Can Do

In conclusion, it is important to be aware that in the conversation of “regeneration VS sustainability” – the answer is more complex as sustainability provides the needed foundation for regeneration efforts. Regeneration then offers a more holistic ideology to resolve complex and urgent environmental and social challenges with a more long term positive focus.

So, get out there, join our Global Day of Action to learn how to compost with your community. Learn all about composting through our webinars, educational resources and community, join here.

Share with us how you’ve helped regenerate your local community by completing an impact report. We offer rewards like scholarships and monetary compensation for youth who create regenerative impact – check out our awards page and be inspired! Everyone is welcome to be a regenerative superhero! 

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