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How can you win the QS ImpACT Award: Campus Sustainability Pioneer of the Year?

When it comes to creating a better future in the world of higher education, there’s a high likelihood that the person sleeping in their morning lecture could be the one also making a significant impact on their communities.

Campus sustainability is a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact of our educational institution while promoting social responsibility and economic viability. It’s about fostering a campus community that cares for the planet and future generations. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility. Let’s explore why sustainability matters and the long-term benefits it brings.

‘In every university around the world, there are leaders who are not only inspired to create changes, but actively drive them.’

QS ImpACT Awards – 18th January 2024

Our awards recognize young people who’re making a positive impact across the world for regeneration. One of our award categories shines a spotlight on campus sustainability drivers across the world who are promoting sustainability within the campus community.

QS ImpACT Campus Sustainability Pioneer Award

The Campus Sustainability Pioneer of the Year award is for a youth leader in a university or educational institution (higher education institutions) who has been/ are implementing regenerative solutions to the sustainability problem.

It’s a global acknowledgement of youth leaders within the higher education community across the world. It celebrates individuals who have exhibited remarkable dedication and achievements in championing regenerative transformations for sustainability. If you, or someone you know, have been the driving force behind systemic changes in your university or educational institution, this is for you.

To be considered, you should have implemented a new process, procedure or initiative that led to a positive campus community impact. It should align with any or all of the UN’s 17 SDGs. 

How A Winner is Chosen

The criteria for this award are meticulously designed to evaluate the contributions of young eco-champions in various aspects of campus sustainability. This award aims to encourage the volunteering efforts of youth related to pioneering efforts to build sustainability knowledge and systems on campus. 

If you want to be considered, please submit your impact report to [https://qsimpact.org/impacts/] before 11:59 PM GMT Dec 15th, 2023. 

The QS ImpACT Awards is a celebration of regenerative impact achieved by young people over 2023, celebrating their demonstrated contribution towards impactful transformations in society through projects, events and initiatives.

Win prizes to recognize your ImpACT and build your resume:

  • QS ImpACT badge, title and social media kit,
  • QS ImpACT, now accredited with United Nations Environment Program offers an opportunity to bring representation opportunities to all the winners,
  • All the winners will be featured in the QS Insights magazine.

Minimum Pre-Selection Criteria:

  • Must be registered and have an account with qsimpact.org
  • Must be between 18 – 35 years old
  • Must have a minimum of one impact report with us before December 15th, 2023 

You can be the Campus Sustainability Pioneer of the year! 

Sustainability projects led by students at universities have not only improved our campus, but have also established a student community in which social responsibility and economics are viable.

Our community of sustainability drivers, through their dedication and leadership, serves as an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that each one of us can make a difference by contributing to a more sustainable, regenerative future.

If you want to be considered, please submit your impact report to [https://qsimpact.org/impacts/] before 11:59 PM GMT Dec 15th, 2023. 

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