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How can you win the QS ImpACT Award: Community Transformation Champion?

Recent research by Schwab & Roysen (2022) has highlighted the crucial role of community-led initiatives in environmental conservation. Studies show that when communities actively engage in restoration efforts, not only do ecosystems revive, but community bonds strengthen, leading to a sense of shared responsibility and ownership.

In a world where sustainability is pivotal, recognizing the heroes working tirelessly within communities to conserve and regenerate local environments becomes imperative. The UN’s highest environmental honour (2022), “Champion of the earth” as such aims to honor those who have taken action on regenerative solutions leading to environmental benefit! 

The Community Transformation Champion of the Year Award, hosted by QS ImpACT award, celebrates these trailblazers—individuals or groups committed to preserving our planet and fostering sustainable living as well.

Engaging Communities for Impactful Change

At the heart of this accolade lies the essence of community engagement. Initiatives showcased through this award not only focus on environmental restoration but also emphasize community involvement. The year of 2023 will be for you champions to recognize that sustainable change is a collaborative effort, drawing in diverse voices and skill sets to achieve common goals.

Whether you are a group of dedicated individuals, a council, or an enthusiastic youth leading the charge and your efforts showcase the power of unity in addressing crucial Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (  like good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action, You are already a potential candidate of the QSImpACT Empowering Communities Award!

Impactful Initiatives: Stories of Transformation

The impact reports submitted to QS ImpACT underscore the significant strides made by your champions. From large-scale tree planting drives to educational programs promoting environmental awareness, these initiatives will also vary in scale and scope and stand to share a common thread of your commitment to regeneration.

Long-Term Vision, Lasting Impact

The differentiation between short-term and long-term impacts is pivotal. While immediate changes might include cleaner surroundings or increased biodiversity due to reforestation, the enduring impact lies in instilling sustainable practices that persist beyond the project’s lifespan.

Recognizing your champions will not just be about celebrating your achievements; it’s about inspiring others to join the cause. The QS ImpACT Badge and the social media package serve as symbols of recognition and encouragement, amplifying these stories to inspire a wider audience to take action.

Moving Forward: Our Collective Responsibility

The journey towards environmental sustainability and regeneration requires collective effort. The stories of you champions will stand as testaments to the power of community-driven action. As we move forward, let’s heed the call to action, engage our communities, and contribute to a future where sustainability thrives.

In celebrating the Community Transformation Champion of the Year, we celebrate not just an individual or a group but the spirit of collaboration and commitment that drives positive change for our planet and our communities.

Your Impact

Share with us how you’ve helped regenerate your local community by completing an impact report. We offer rewards like scholarships and monetary compensation for youth who create regenerative impact – check out our awards page and be inspired! 

Everyone is welcome to be a regenerative superhero! Be part of our QS ImpACT Awards now!

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