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How Can You Win the QS ImpACT Award: Regeneration Advocate?

In today’s world, where ecological challenges demand urgent attention, young advocates are leading the charge in regenerating and safeguarding our ecosystems. Their efforts are pivotal, sparking change within local communities and inspiring action that aligns with some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs: 2 – Zero hunger 3 – Good health and well-being 11 – Sustainable cities and communities 12 – Responsible consumption and production 13 – Climate action).

One such exemplary initiative is the Tree Plantation Project led by Amanda Rodriguez, a passionate advocate for ecosystem regeneration. Amanda’s project stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those striving to make a difference. Her impactful campaign, focusing on sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11), has garnered significant attention.

Are you committed to inspiring regeneration in your community?

There is a lot of room for engagement.

  • Composting Initiative: Empowering individuals to turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost can significantly contribute to ecosystem restoration. Hosting workshops on composting, providing accessible resources, and encouraging community gardens foster responsible consumption and production (SDG 12).
  • Urban Green Spaces Creation: Collaboratively transforming unused urban areas into green spaces can rejuvenate communities. Start initiatives focusing on turning rooftops or vacant lots into vibrant gardens or parks to promote sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).
  • Another avenue for impactful community engagement lies in advocating sustainable consumption practices. Start Initiatives like ‘Plastic-Free Community Campaigns’ urge individuals to reduce single-use plastics, encouraging the use of reusable alternatives.

Through awareness drives, beach clean-ups, and collaborative efforts with local businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, these campaigns strive to minimize plastic pollution, contributing to healthier ecosystems.

Your efforts can win you an award!

The Regeneration Advocate of the Year Award, presented by the QS ImpACT non-profit organization, serves as a testament to the dedication and innovation of these young champions. By recognizing those who have made substantial contributions to raising awareness about regeneration, the award will not only honor their efforts but also inspire others to join the cause.

As the winner of the prestigious Award, here are your rewards:

  • The exclusive opportunity to attend UNEP events that will increase your international network and help you have insightful discussions!
  • You will also be featured on the QS Insights magazine! Share your inspiring story with thousands around the world!
  • A globally recognized “QS ImpACT Badge” and  a social media package to share your accomplishments with the world, amplifying your impact and inspiring others.

The journey toward regeneration advocacy is multifaceted, engaging communities through innovative initiatives. Amanda’s Tree Plantation Project is a testament to the power of youth-driven change, inspiring others to join the movement towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

How can you be the Regeneration Advocate?

Regeneration Advocate of the Year selection is now open! Sign up! 

Upload your impact report before 11:59 PM GMT on December 22nd, 2023, via the QS ImpACT platform. This platform serves as a hub to showcase global actions and commitments towards sustainable practices. Make sure to select impact type as ‘Regeneration Advocate’.

“Empowering communities through grassroots initiatives is the key to fostering a sustainable future through ecosystem regeneration”

Register Your Impact Report!

Share with us how you’ve helped regenerate your local community by completing an impact report. We offer rewards like scholarships and opportunities for youth who create regenerative impact – check out our awards page and be inspired! Everyone is welcome to be a regenerative superhero! Be part of our QS ImpACT Awards.

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