The Trees for Merit Challenge has come to an end!

Last month, on the 23rd of November, we saw the culmination of more than one year of joint work and community-owned positive impact.

On August 12, 2022, the Global Tree Initiative and QS ImpACT (QS World Merit, then) launched a collaboration, challenging everyone in their big, global community to plant trees.

QS ImpACT is a global charity working towards creating a more equal world. They inspire and empower changemakers by rewarding doing good with opportunities provided by their partners. The Global Tree Initiative, on the other hand, aims at building a global community through tree planting and to promote tree-planting actions around the world, in order to boost regeneration in all four corners of our planet.

We are happy to announce that the challenge was closed with a dashing number of more than 10,000 trees planted by over 120 people in over 11 different countries.

Our top 5 tree planting countries were:

  1. Kenya 
  2. Pakistan 
  3. India 
  4. Ghana 
  5. Nigeria

Koech Benard (Kenya) was our winner for the Trees For Merit Challenge, having planted over 800 trees with his local community! 

We hosted our final webinar on November 23. It was a friendly meeting that gathered some of the changemakers who joined the Trees for Merit challenge. We had the opportunity to hear from Koech Benard and Aisha Beloch who ran inspirational projects for their communities.

If you couldn’t join the webinar, you can now watch it here.

The Trees for Merit Challenge was not challenge-free! In the past year, we bumped into several technical setbacks. Having this said we are grateful for the opportunity of working and learning together. And above all else, we are grateful to all those who joined us and helped us impact our world in a positive way.

This challenge has now come to an end, but who knows what will come next for QS ImpACT and Global Tree Initiative. It is the QS ImpACT Awards! 

QS ImpACT will be hosting their annual QS ImpACT Awards on 18th January 2024 – a global celebration of regeneration! 🏆 You can get your FREE ticket here! 

This year, we’re thrilled to recognize and honour outstanding youth leaders from every corner of the world, applauding their extraordinary efforts in community regeneration and transformation. Anyone who has uploaded a Trees For Merit Impact Report is automatically eligible for the QS IMPACT AWARD: ECO-CHAMPION OF THE YEAR.

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