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QS ImpACT Bukola STEM Scholarship for Women from Africa

In commemoration of the life and legacy of one of our most cherished community members, Bukola Olalere, QS ImpACT is proud to announce the launch of the Bukola Olalere STEM Scholarship. 

This scholarship is dedicated to African women who aspire to pursue studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields, embodying Bukola’s spirit of dedication, compassion, and service to underprivileged communities across Africa.

Bukola was a remarkable changemaker, known for her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others. Her contributions to various programs and initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria were immense, particularly in areas such as maternal health, poverty alleviation, hunger reduction, and girls’ empowerment in technology.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1989, Bukola made a tremendous impact on her community throughout her life. Tragically, she passed away at the age of 32 in May ’22, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and service. 

Bukola’s dedication to making a difference in underserved communities was evident through her involvement in numerous projects, including Project Farm to Life and Project Kampe, which provided essential support and medical assistance to women and children in rural and northern Nigeria. Her passion for empowering women and promoting education led her to establish Moms in Tech, a platform that offered programming classes and mentoring to mothers and stay-at-home moms in underserved communities. She also served as the Global Coordinator for Volunteers4Covax and held leadership roles in organizations such as World Merit Council and QS ImpACT Nigeria, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to social impact and community development.

The Bukola Olalere STEM Scholarship is a testament to her legacy and her relentless pursuit of positive change. 

Are you dedicated to supporting underprivileged communities in Africa, focusing on areas such as maternal health, poverty alleviation, hunger reduction, and gender equality? We invite you to apply for this scholarship. 

Together, let us honor Bukola Olalere’s memory by uplifting and empowering the next generation of African women changemakers in STEM.

Have you made an impACT on your local community? Upload your impact report here and become eligible for our scholarships!

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