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How Can You Win the QS ImpACT Award: Global Day of Action Legend?

Composting isn’t just a routine chore – it’s a transformative process that converts organic waste into invaluable fertile soil. 

Around 30-40% of the waste we discard (Beyond Plastic, 2019) daily consists of organic material that could be composted. Rather than letting this material decay in landfills and emit harmful greenhouse gasses, composting offers a sustainable solution by reintroducing nutrients back into the soil.

Composting isn’t just a method of waste disposal; it’s a transformative act that empowers communities, fosters environmental stewardship, and contributes to a sustainable future (EPA, 2023).

As we gear up for the Global Day of Action (GDA) 2023, the focus is on encouraging composting, and recognizing the remarkable impact individuals or councils can make in their communities.

The Global Day of Action (GDA) 2023, happening on 14th December has championed an initiative that harnesses the simple yet profound impact of composting. This year’s emphasis on encouraging composting serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing how each individual and community can contribute meaningfully to the planet’s well-being.

You can win the Global Day of Action Legend Award!

Understanding Your Impact

Research consistently underscores the significance of composting in mitigating environmental degradation. Composting reduces methane emissions from landfills, curbs greenhouse gasses, and enriches soil fertility, leading to healthier ecosystems.

Emphasize these findings to highlight the crucial role composting plays in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11, 12, 13, and 17.

How You Can Win The Award:

1.  Take Action During GDA Week (December 11-17, 2023):

  1. Initiate composting activities in your community, focusing on setting up compost facilities or bins. Remember, the more capacity in cubic meters you establish, the better your chances. All you require is to design a space for composting bins, where food scraps, yard waste, and biodegradable materials can decompose naturally. The process doesn’t demand intricate knowledge or elaborate resources—just a willingness to act.
  2. Involve community members through education and participation. Host workshops, share our composting manual or host it with our ready to use presentation. Document the number of individuals educated about composting.

2.  Showcase Your Commitment

Complete the QS ImpACT report, detailing your efforts, the capacity of compost bins created, the number of people educated, and the methodology employed.

Submit your impact report before 11:59 PM GMT on December 22nd, 2023, via the QS ImpACT platform. This platform serves as a hub to showcase global actions and commitments towards sustainable practices.

As the winner of the prestigious Global Day of Action Legend 2023 Award, here are your rewards:

  1. The exclusive opportunity to attend UNEP events that will increase your international network and help you have insightful discussions!
  2. You will also be featured on the QS Insights magazine! Share your inspiring story with thousands around the world!
  3. A globally recognized “QS ImpACT Badge” and  a social media package to share your accomplishments with the world, amplifying your impact and inspiring others.
  4. Win a Composting Bin from the Daily Dump, “Gobble Compost Kit,” a simple stackable compost bin that fits your household needs. 🗑️ Fit for an individual or a family of 5, this prize is a great gift for anyone with limited space to compost. Light-weight, odor-less, and cute – enjoy composting! If you want to get this prize ahead of the Global Day of Action 2023 for yourself or someone here is the link! 🔗 

An Awesome Message for You

The Global Day of Action Legend 2023 Award is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate individuals or councils driving tangible change through composting initiatives.

Composting should not be just waste management; showcase that it’s a transformative act that empowers communities and cultivates a more sustainable world for generations to come.

When schools, religious centers, and community spaces adopt composting practices, it sparks a ripple effect, inspiring others to follow suit.

Join the movement, champion composting, and leave a lasting positive impact on your community and the planet! Be considered for rewards like scholarships. Everyone can be a regenerative superhero! Be part of our QS ImpACT Awards when you upload an impact report. Remember, a single act of composting today can sow the seeds for a greener and healthier tomorrow. 

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